• Metals: Most castable metals. 

    Size Range: Fraction of an ounce to 200 lbs. 


    • ± .003″ to 1/4″  
    • ± .004″ to 1/2″  
    • ± .005″ per inch to 3″  
    • ± .003″ for each additional inch 

    Surface Finish: 63-125RMS 

Investment Casting Process

Wax is injected into a metal die, usually aluminum, to create a replica of the final product. This replica is referred to as a “wax.” The wax is ejected from the die, then attached to a gating system consisting of a sprue and runners, also made of wax. For smaller castings, many “waxes” are attached to a central wax gating system to form a tree-like assembly. The tree then enters a cycle where it is repeatedly dipped in a ceramic slurry, covered with sand, and allowed to dry, creating a hardened mold shell. The wax is removed from the mold shell in an autoclave, leaving a precise mold cavity. The molds are pre-heated to prepare for pouring. Molten metal is poured into the shells and allowed to cool. The ceramic shell is removed through shot blasting, water blasting, or vibratory processes. The individual parts are then cut from the tree. If necessary, final post-processing of shot blasting, grinding, and machining are performed to finish the casting. 

  • Precision and Accuracy

    Investment casting excels in producing intricate parts with complex geometries and thin-walled sections.

  • Excellent Surface Finish

    The method provides an excellent surface finish on the final cast parts, due to the ceramic mold. Ability to hold surface finishes of 125 RMS or better.  

  • Versatility

    With the ability to combine multiple wax patterns, many components can be combined into single castingsAlmost any metal can be cast. Using soluble waxes, cavities and details can be created which could not otherwise be formed.

  • Reduced Material Waste

    Machining stock and hours are significantly reduced compared to other casting processes. The wax used is also recycled.

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