Miniature Zinc Die Castings


Metals: Zamak #3, #5, ZA8 are the most common. Other alloys available  

Tolerances: ± 0.0015in across linear dimensions. 

Part Size 

  • Minuscule to 4 x 4 x 1 in. (10.16 x 10.16 x 2.54 cm)  
  • Miniature die casting has virtually no lower size limits  
  • Weight – Less than 1/10 oz to 3/4 lbs. 



Cost Savings - No post-cast machining, with gate removal eliminated by automated de-gating or part-on-part deburring.

Die Life – Zinc has a low melting point resulting in a longer die life.

Minimum Wall Thickness: 0.020" 

Miniature Zinc Die Casting Process Overview

Miniature zinc die casting is a precision manufacturing process that involves injecting molten zinc into a specialized die cavity under high pressure to create small-scale or miniature-sized net shape parts with minimal flash. This technique utilizes the exceptional fluidity of molten zinc, and a programable four slide action, producing complex geometries and tight tolerances. Known for its accuracy, efficiency, and ability to yield high-quality parts, mini zinc die casting finds applications in diverse industries requiring small, intricately shaped components. 

  • Design Complexity

    Ability to die cast complex net shape components with minimal to no flash and tight as-cast tolerances.

  • Low Unit Costs, Low Die Investment

    Low die investment and fast cycling time can deliver unit costs down to pennies per piece. 

  • Tighter tolerances, Faster cycling

    Complex miniature parts can hold tolerances with virtually no “part to part” variation, little draft, and extremely fast cycle times

  • Component Quality

    Minimal shrinkage in small parts makes it easier to hold tolerances on hole locations and other features. Eliminating post-cast machining leaves the hard, dense surface of the casting undisturbed, resulting in increased wear resistance and strength. 

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