Plaster Mold Castings

Plaster Mold Castings


  • Low tooling costs (typical patterns are wood or plastic) 
  • It delivers a smooth, as-cast finish. 
  • Thin wall capabilities, as low as .080” 

Plaster Mold Casting Tolerances

Dimension  Normal Tolerance  Premium Tolerance 
Inches  MM  Inches  MM  Inches  MM 
Up to 2  Up to 50  ±0.010  ±0.25  ±0.005  ±0.13 
Up to 3  Up to 75  ±0.015  ±0.40  ±0.010  ±0.25 
Up to 4  Up to 100  ±0.019  ±0.50  ±0.012  ±0.32 
Up to 5  Up to 125  ±0.022  ±0.60  ±0.014  ±0.37 
Up to 6  Up to 150  ±0.025  ±0.68  ±0.015  ±0.40 
Up to 7  Up to 175  ±0.028  ±0.74  ±0.016  ±0.42 
Up to 8  Up to 200  ±0.031  ±0.78  ±0.017  ±0.45 
Up to 9  Up to 225  ±0.034  ±0.85  ±0.018  ±0.47 
Up to 10  Up to 250  ±0.037  ±0.92  ±0.019  ±0.50 
Maximum Variation  ±0.040  ±1.00 


Metals: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Zinc 

Size Range: Normally up to 500 square inch area. Some foundries can produce much larger. 

Surface Finish: 63-125RMS 

Minimum Draft Requirements 

  • External Features: 0° to 1/2°  
  • Internal Features: 1/2º to 2° 

Normal Minimum Section Thickness: 0.080” 

 Tolerances: see chart 

Plaster Mold Process Overview

The plaster mold casting process is similar to sand casting.   A slurry of molding plaster is dried onto a pattern to form clean, smooth, detailed mold halvesThe halves are mated together to form the moldMetal is typically gravity poured into the moldWhen compared to sand casting processes, plaster molding allows for tighter tolerancing, minimal wall thickness, and smooth aesthetic surface finishes. This process is ideal for your more intricate and/or thin-walled castings in lower volumesThe plaster mold casting process is excellent for low volume production or as a bridge to high-volume production processes.  

  • Advantages

    Exceptional detail through intricate sections 

  • Create With Ease

    Ease of mold creation and customization allows for rapid prototyping and the production of unique, complex parts. 

  • Strength

    Appropriately alloyed and treated, aluminum can be as strong as some steels with minimum yield strengths as high as 76,000 psi. Can also be made with lower strength where product specifications call for it.

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  • Resilient

    Can deflect under loads and shock and spring right backCan be designed as a product function wherever functional strength is valued.

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